What's Up?

I'm Dee Caulcrick

Writer. Content Creator. Home Decor lover. Who is absolutely not trying to take over the world. 

You’re creative. You’ve got ambition and a lot of ideas. But you’re stuck in school or in a job you hate and it seems all your dreams may never come true.

Whether you’re ready to show your work, take the next step into building a brand for yourself or just live a more creative life, you’re in the right place. And something tells me you’re full of amazing ideas, a creative spirit and a forward-thinking and innovative mindset.

But you probably have no clue how to:

  • Build a personal brand
  • Live a more creative life
  • Get rid of impostor syndrome and put your work on full display

You want to be able to create stuff that’s important to you and adds value to others. 

You’re ready to start acting out your dreams and taking YOU to the next level.

But you don’t know how to make that a reality. 

But Here’s the Thing: 

I believe you don’t exist to live a routine life

I believe that those dreams you escape to can actually become your reality

I believe you have the power to rewrite the narrative and craft your own story.

I believe that you deserve to live a happy and creative life filled with love and light.

I believe in you, your ideas and your ability to make a difference from your little corner of the world

I’m obsessed with helping young creatives like you unleash their creativity

We’ve all had plans for our lives at some point and mine was pretty much: finish secondary school by fifteen, get into university and finish by 19. NYSC for 1 year and then get a job when I was 21 and get married when I tuned 22.

It didn’t work out for me. After secondary school, I had to stay home for three years (I’m still home) because I couldn’t get into university. I had good grades but let’s be honest, the system doesn’t work. And there I was subject to the system, especially when I wanted to be doing something else. I felt alone, and totally miserable. The kind of life I wanted, the system couldn’t give me. My parents, friends and family couldn’t. I had to do it myself. 

Cue the angels singing. 

I started doing everything I wanted to do. I followed my passions and curiosities and I can safely say that I’m doing what it is, I’ve always wanted to do.

And I can help you do the same. 

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” One thing that you have that no one else has, is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.”
Neil Gaiman