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I’m Dee Caulcrick.

Writer, Content Creator, CSC Student, Hype-girl, Ambitious dreamer and soon to be your BFF who brings all the good stuff.

Welcome to my home, office, library, classroom and sometimes clubhouse.

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I’m a writer, content creator, daydreamer and antisocial optimist who’s obsessed with helping young people live out their dreams and navigate the digital world.


You probably already knew this, but these days almost everything is done online which is pretty easy and convenient for people who don’t like stress (i.e me). What you probably don’t know is how to take advantage of this. What do you do with your social media pages or blogs? Do you like what you see when you google your name?


Luckily I know one or two things about these. 

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Not just a library


It’s a home, classroom, research lab and sometimes, closet.

This is where I share my growth and results I’m getting in real time, tips & tutorials on how I use the internet & my phone without letting it use me, all the things I’m loving (and hating) and behind-the-scenes of my weird, wonderful and sometimes embarassing life.

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