Hey There, Entrepreneur. Get up!

It’s time to paint the internet with your brilliance. 

I’ll help you build a stunning website that stands out and shows off your awesomeness. 

You’ve done something amazing. You have ideas to share. You’ve built an amazing brand around stuff you’re passionate about. You’ve started a business. Yay, you!

The only thing you need is an online home to put all those things so people can find it (find you!) anytime, any day. And you know what a website will do for you?

It’ll promote you 24/7. Not even you will do that for yourself. 

It’ll take you from someone who just has an idea, to someone who’s ready to become a thought leader.

It’ll take you from just a business owner to someone who’s really serious about your craft. 

You’ll literally have space on the internet to share your thoughts and ideas, and passions and that is the most gangster thing ever.  

And just because you’re such a cool person, I’ll build one for you. 

For independent and passionate Nigerian creatives


Are you ready to grow while doing your own thing?

My mission is to help individuals, like you, break away from the system, do what you love, and use your passion and interests to add value to people’s lives.

Makers, Creators & Designers

Calling all writers, photographers, artists, graphic designers, fashion designers, crocheters, and everybody who builds things with their hands and brains. I’ll help you build a home to market and promote your creations. 

Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

I’m excited that you’ve decided to do your own thing. Now let’s take it online. 

Bloggers and Influencers

Build a stunning online home for your content &  ideal audience that’ll help you reach a wider audience & profit from your ideas. 

Boutique Agencies & Private Practices

You’re not a big agency but your services have the quality of one. I’ll help you build a website to attract your target audience and drive sales. 

Resources & Updates

Binge The Blog

I love blogging. My blog is filled with thoughts & resources on how to create & promote yourself in the digital space and what it takes to be a creative entrepreneur in Nigeria.

Serial Story (Sons of War -working title)

Hey, everyone. I wrote this story over a year ago. Just went through it today and decided it was pretty neat. Read and let me know in the comments if you think I should build it up as a serial story (story that gets released like film episodes). Lay low, go far away,...

Reintroduction + 30 day blogging challenge

Yooo, everyone! Guess who's back?  Meeeee. I am Dee Caulcrick I'm cute, yeah I know. And Incase you've forgotten who I am in general, or you don't even know me, here are a few facts about me: I'm a girl. Shocking, I know right? I take extreme pleasure in...

Hey, I’m Dee Caulcrick


I live for helping people take their ideas online. I want you to be proud of yourself, your brand, your business, and its online presence. But I understand how overwhelming it can be. (Seriously, you should see how long it took me to decide on the design I wanted for my site.)

So to make life easier for everyone, I help create stunning WordPress websites that show your brilliance and does a ton of marketing and promotion for you even while you sleep.

Yup, no stress. I’ll do the work all the while cheering you on to do your thing. Kinda like your creative BFF. Ugh, I’m so excited.

Get A Stunning Website For Your Brand