You never forget what you teach yourself.

I’ve always been more interested in teaching myself. If I want to explore something, I never think about attending a class; I do the reading on my own or seek out experts for conversations. Everything we’re forced to learn at school we quickly forget, but the things we set out to learn ourselves — to quench a thirst — are never forgotten, and inevitably become an important part of our existence. –Werner Herzog

Why does this sound so familiar?

Call me stubborn but when I was in school, I stabbed lab classes and not just because I was too lazy to drag myself to the laboratories. That time I would have spent in a crowded class, listening to the teacher droning on, I would spend it in my empty classroom, teaching myself and boy, was it a whole lot easier.

Not only school, same with everything that goes on in life. Values, morals, scriptural teachings that are “forced on us”. Explore, do the readings, seek out experts and have conversations. Because the things that are forced on you, that you do not understand, you quickly forget. But the things you learn yourself are never forgotten and they become part of your existence.

Yo, I’m Dee.

I’m obsessed with helping young people be creative, do creative stuff, and put that creative stuff online. I write about my journey to finding creative freedom, and everything I’ve learnt about being & promoting yourself in the digital space. 

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