Why are nurses so rude? The almost ten minutes I spent at LUTH.

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Don’t touch anyone when you go to a dermatology clinic. It’s common sense.

However, contracting any skin diseases were the least of my worries when I went to LUTH at Harvey Road. I didn’t even spend up to ten minutes there.

As someone who’s been frequenting public hospitals, I know that nurses are rude. But this one made me want to cry. But as the hard girl I am, I held it in and almost trekked to my house in frustration.

This is how the conversation between the nurse and me went.

Me: Good morning. I have a referral.
Nurse: (doesn’t look at me) sit down.

Two minutes later, she collects my letter and reads it.

Nurse: Where are the skin patches?

I proceed to show her my skin which elicits a disgusted look from her.

She mumbles something about rashes.

Nurse: You’re allergic to bites. The only cure is to cover up. You’ll outgrow them.

Me: I’ve had them since I was —

Nurse: Since you were a baby. Cover up.

Me: I also had chicken pox when I was–

Nurse: You have added that one to it. Your appointment is in October. Bring your money for registration and urine in a clean bottle.

Me: (remembers the urgent reason I came) I have blisters popping up all over my skin. (Proceeds to show her a very ugly one which she doesn’t even look at). It’s urgent.

Nurse: When you come for your appointment in October. Go. Bye-bye.

As I walked through the halls, the tears threatened to come but I held it in. I’ve always known our health system was bad but I didn’t expect this.

These blisters I have all over my legs are sweeping up and are giving me headache and fever and you ask me to come back in October. When I die?

I don’t even know what it is or what’s causing it. There is even no apology or sympathy. I carried my pain, swollen legs and money, dragged myself to the bloody clinic and this is what I get. I’m appalled.

If you know any other dermatology clinic (that’s not so expensive), please let me know in the comments.


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