The Promise of Fun: Why you should totally indulge your curiosities

I can’t remember the number of times I’ve bee asked (or I’ve asked myself), “Why are you doing this?”⁣

I can’t count the number of times I’ve tried to find a deep answer. ⁣

I’m an explorer. I like to chase my curiosities. I have so many diverse interests that do not fit into a niche or genre. ⁣

I’ve learnt how to bake, sew, make beads, draw and so many other things. Today, I want to teach; tomorrow, I want to be an engineer; in the next hour I want to become president. Five minutes later, I want to fly a spaceship.⁣

“Why, Dee, why?” You’ll ask.⁣

“I don’t know,” I’ll say and shrug. “I mean, flying a spaceship would totally be fun.”⁣

“But you’re a fiction writer. Writers write. They don’t become spaceship pilots! You’re totally going off brand”⁣

I make beads because I enjoy it. I draw because I enjoy it. I teach because I enjoy it. I design because I enjoy it. ⁣

Most of the times, we cage ourselves into a “brand” and we force ourselves to stick to our “deep passions” which can really be excruciating. ⁣

And so we never get to try new things so that we don’t go off-brand. ⁣

Where’s the fun in that?⁣

My mother complains that I can’t stick to one thing. That’s because I love trying new stuff out and when I’m done with it, I move on to the next thing. I’m aware that this may be considered a bad habit but when I hear the call of curiousity, I follow with the promise of fun. ⁣

Yo, I’m Dee.

I’m obsessed with helping young people be creative, do creative stuff, and put that creative stuff online. I write about my journey to finding creative freedom, and everything I’ve learnt about being & promoting yourself in the digital space. 

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