The first draft of anything is a naked god

To everyone, myself included, looking at that piece of work and cringing till your neck hurts.

Those ideas you just wrote is one big, strong, naked god and emits godly light. It’s beautiful, it’s raw, it’s holy-shit-I-saw-Aphrodite’s-nudes and it’s not fit to be seen by humans.

In order to put it out there (hello, God descending to earth in the form of man) we have to take our time searching for the perfect body for our creation. We teach it to be human and when it learns how to relate, we make sure it doesn’t forget its mission. In all the humanizing, we make sure that it still has its godly essence. And then we stand back and send our creation to earth. (And we remember that our Lord was good and people still hated him.)

So please do yourself and your readers a favour and edit. Sure a naked god is beautiful but seeing one often has consequences like going mad, blind, turning into a beast and killing your parents or just dying an unpleasant death. Don’t believe me? Just read any Greek myth or legend.


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