I’m standing in front of you

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I’ve got a lot of pride
That I try to hide behind
I’m really smart
And construct some lies
But I’m standing in front of you.

My world is crashing and burning
I’m breaking and falling
I try to look so tough
I’m put together
Standing in front of you

It’s all under control
I just have to try a little harder
And no I don’t need any help
I can do it all myself
I’m standing in front of you

And we don’t talk
And I don’t listen
I’m hiding, running
Making up excuses
But I’m standing in front of you

I’m standing in front of you
And you’re the only one who knows me
You’re the only one who knows it
You’re the only one who sees that
I’m made of glass
And you’re the only one who sees through

D. Caulcrick.


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