How To Write Like A Real Writer When You Suck At Writing

I cannot count the number of times, writing work has been delegated to me all because I claim to be a writer. 

“Help me write this, Dee.” 

“Help me go through this, Dee.” 

“Does this sentence make me sound like I have a stick up my butt?” 

And so many more.

Don’t get me wrong. it’s an honour to be considered as someone good enough to help you with your essay but sometimes a girl needs some space. So, this one’s for all my friends and siblings who need to stop bugging me and start writing their letters by themselves. I’m going to show you how real writers write and hopefully try to convince you that there is no magic to this shit.

On Writing: How to write like a 'real' writer when you suck at writing


Easy right? Obvious isn’t it? The first step to writing well or even writing at all is to just take the dive and actually write. It’s what the real ones do. It’s what the professionals do. Don’t bother about whether or not your t’s are dotted or your i’s are crossed. The purpose of writing is putting your ideas on a page. So do just that. Write. Write. Write. Write like no one’s ever going to see it. Because no one ever will. At least not that version.

“A word after a word after a word is power.”

Margaret Atwood


To all ‘non-writers’, I’m about to reveal the secret of good writing. It is. . .rewriting! Only a few people can get it right on the first time. I always say, the first draft of writing is holy. Never let anyone see it. After writing, your work as the real writer you are is to rewrite. Add and remove. Move sentences around. Take out all your curse words and put them back. Google synonyms for concupiscent.


Spellcheck! You can’t look like a real writer, if your finished work still confuses ‘their’ and ‘they’re’. Let me help you: one is a possessive pronoun while the other one is the contracted form of ‘they are’.

Pro tip: Read ‘they’re’ like ‘they are’. So when you come across something like “they’re car,” you read it like “they are car,” and you know that that, is terribly wrong. Except, they, actually, are car.

Turn spell check on. But don’t rely on it. Read your words out loud. Read directly from the page, not from your bead. Trust me, it’ll save lives. And a lot of people from trying to figure out what you’re talking about. 

These are just a few of the many, many tips, I have to write better but this is a start. If you want to get notified whenever I post, tap here to follow me on Instagram.

Until next time, lovelies,

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