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Art of the Craft

At some point in our lives, we have planned exactly how we wanted our lives to turn out. But life happens, and all our plans are turned upside down. Nothing ever happens according to plan. And nothing ever happens if we just dream it. Stuff only happens when you go and do it. I used to beat myself up over the fact that my classmates were in university and I was not. But it occurred to me. Why burden myself over something I have no control of? And so, I focused on what it is I could control–my art.  


Be the creative entrepreneur you were always meant to be

Art of the Craft is . . .

Content is the voice of your brand. I’ll show you how to create content that targets your ideal audience, generates emotional appeal and turns your readers into fans. 

You think you don’t need one, but you already have one. Let me help you build a strong image that represents you and all you stand for.

Stunting on the internet may look hard especially when you can’t afford to hire great photographers or designers. But it’s not that hard. You can always DIY

Get inspired and motivated to do something out of the ordinary. 

Blog posts that teach and inspire.

Check out blog posts that give you tips, tricks, hacks and stories to inspire you to live a creative life. 

Resources that make life easy

I create and curate resources that will help make being a young creative easier. All my resources are exclusive to my subscribers. 


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