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4 Steps To Beat The Experience Gap

Picture this: You're fresh out of University and guess what, you have a degree! A certificate that can open up doors for you and even get you a job. You go through jobs vacancies and get ready to apply but they need young people who have at least four years...

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Simi had been on the run for a long time. Before the war ended. Before it even started. He was so used to moving from place to place that it didn’t even matter whether he had a home or not. Bridges did just fine. The shelters too. Although he only went there for food,...

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What the Yoruba man seeks to destroy, is your heart. --angry woman on twitter This is going to be the quote at the beginning of my Fantasy novel about the Yorubas.

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I’m standing in front of you

I've got a lot of pride That I try to hide behind I'm really smart And construct some lies But I'm standing in front of you. My world is crashing and burning I'm breaking and falling I try to look so tough I'm put together Standing in front of you It's all under...

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Trying to explain the Bible is like trying to explain poetry. You can pull 1057 meanings from just one line but you'll never really get what the writer intended. I guess that's why the Bible is still relevant. There's a certain immortality in things that don't have a...

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Yo, I’m Dee Caulcrick

OG writer, web designer & sucker for fictional boys

Because everyone knows they’re wayyy better than the ones who live outside our imagination. You’re probably thinking I’m crazy, but I promise you, there are tons of more crazy things, that we accept as normal, especially in Nigeria, and I’ve taken it upon myself to call them out.

My blog is all about encouraging us to rethink what we regard as “normal” life and what it really means to be yourself, stand up & stand out for your ideas.

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