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Serial Story (Sons of War -working title)

Hey, everyone. I wrote this story over a year ago. Just went through it today and decided it was pretty neat. Read and let me know in the comments if you think I should build it up as a serial story (story that gets released like film episodes). Lay low, go far away,...

Reintroduction + 30 day blogging challenge

Yooo, everyone! Guess who's back?  Meeeee. I am Dee Caulcrick I'm cute, yeah I know. And Incase you've forgotten who I am in general, or you don't even know me, here are a few facts about me: I'm a girl. Shocking, I know right? I take extreme pleasure in...

Again and Again – A Short Story

"Did you see the paper I was working on yesterday?" Her husband asked her. She was standing in the doorway and for the last few minutes had watched him scatter the office that she had so painstakingly arranged only a few hours earlier. She didn't know what hurt her...

One big Goal

Forget New year's resolutions. Forget Personal, financial, professional, fitness, spiritual (and other -al) goals. Just pick one thing that you want to work on this year. Just one thing. And then every day, every week for the next 52 weeks, work on something to...

Favourite Fantasy books of the year 2019

There's only so many times I can say I love reading and I'm sure I've said it more than anyone has the right to say. There is just something about disappearing into a fictional world and not recognizing your own world when you return. I notice the books I read linger...

My goals for December + new writing challenge?

November has come and gone and almost took my dreams with it. My major goal for last year was to participate in and win #NaNoWriMo2019 which I shared on my Instagram. But, I failed. I got through the first six days and after that, it was like my mind just closed that...

Excerpt from my Work In Progress

The food was never enough. The Aare wanted them hungry. "Hungry men are angry men," he always said. "And angry men make great soldiers." "Hungry men are also weak men," Dara said when The Aare turned his back. "And weak men make terrible soldiers." He gulped down his...


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