15/08 23:28 (working title)

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His voice was sweet
His words were song
His brain held the secrets to the universe you were sure
And his heart held all the warmth and passion of fire of a hearth in the middle of December, in the middle of nowhere.

And his laugh was the perfect ochestra,
It’s melody the light that shone on your dark soul
Driving away the darkness of sadness and depression
But man, was he a sore thing to look at.

But you didn’t care
Because when you looked at him,
When you made love,
You stripped away the ugliness of his face and podginess of his body and gave him a better one
One more suitable to cry out to at night
One more suitable to call your honey
One more suitable to give your heart and soul and body to,
To have your children bear his name
To take you to heaven, bring you back and take you high and show you the faces of the gods.

Until one day, you saw that face walking down your street
But you didn’t care
Because when that other spoke
You gave him the song of your love,
The secrets of your heart,
And even though his laugh were the dryest winds in December,
You pretended it’s light didn’t illumate your sadness and worst fears, casting dark shadows on your soul.



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