My list of awesome stuff to help you along your creativity journey

Yo, I’m back! Although I never really went anywhere.

You’re probably wondering what I’ve been up to (or not) and I can say, “great and mighty things.” I wanted to make a few announcements but, they can wait. And before I get carried away, let’s get into why we’re here today. I’ve got something for you. A gift.

Quick backstory: There were times I needed a few resources and I never knew where to find them. Sometimes, I didn’t even know what they were until I found them. I just spent my time on the internet looking for content that would inspire me, make me laugh, teach me something or just keep me company. I wasted a lot of time, money and data. I know how terrible that feels and I don’t want you to experience it, which is why (drumroll) I put together this list of resources I found helpful and useful to me this year.

Note: This list will be especially helpful to you if you’re a creator. Don’t take this word lightly or harshly.. It doesn’t matter how many of it there are: as long as you put something in this world that wasn’t there before, you’re a creator. Creativity is everywhere and it’s for everyone.

Austin Kleon’s Steal Like An Artist: Honestly, I think this is the best thing, I’ve stumbled upon this year. This is for people who think that there are no original ideas. And, they’re right. There are no original ideas. All the ideas you see now and think are brilliant are all stolen ideas. But you don’t know that because the thief, stole like an artist. So if you think you can’t do something because your idea’s already taken, think again. And read Steal Like An artist. You don’t need to be a genius, you just need to be yourself.

Austin Kleon’s Show your work: I have to follow with this. I discovered Austin Kleon this year and I vibe with him. He posts on his blog everyday, yup, everyday and I always look forward to what he has to say. Show your work is for any and everybody who creates. And by that, I mean, you put something into the world that wasn’t there before, even if there are a million of it around. This book teaches you how to show your work to gain confidence, readership, followers, build your own tribe and make your mark in the online world among other things especially if you cringe at the thought of self-promotion. This book is especially dedicated (by me) to those people who create stuff but are snoozing online. Please my dears, this is 2019.

Salem Ibrahim’s instagram page: I found this page in February, I think, when I was looking for people I could connect with in my niche. I typed, storyteller, and his page was the first thing that came up. I clicked and I was impressed. And then I watched his videos. Salem is an awesome photographer and videographer who takes, edits and shoots his photos and videos with his phone. In his videos, he has a lot of ideas, advice and true talk that everybody can benefit from. And he gives advice to creators about showing their work and stunting on the gram. He’s an influencer but unlike most influencers, if you comment on his page, he will reply you. If you send him a message, he will reply. Cool guy.

The Middle Finger project by Ash Ambirge: I am not lying, i slept on this woman’s website for weeks. I’m still there sef. She’s a killer writer. I feel like I know her personally from just being on her website. And apart from her intriguing writing, she has a lot of value to offer. Starting a freelance business? She has you covered. Scared of writing for the web/ social media? She will talk you into it. Losing your voice or confidence? She will shove it back at you. Think you’re weird and don’t belong on the earth? She’s pretty much from Mars and has made a fortune on Earth. Side note: She uses a lot of curse words (even the ones you didn’t know existed). I love her.

GI the Gentle Inspirer, African Hierophant, Rebel lamb, Cosmic Daddy (If I mention all his titles, we won’t leave here today): Who says you can’t give marriage advice when you’re not married? GI’s posts on his Facebook & Instagram are humorous, insightful and thought provoking. You will genuinely think about your life when you’re done reading. What I do like about his writing is that he constantly disproves theories and ideologies we’ve been brought up with. And he doesn’t just slam you with them (the posts at least. Sometimes, I don’t understand his poems). It makes you think, “hey, that makes so much more sense.” Reading his writing is like having a conversation with him and bonus points to you if you can read with an igbo accent.

The Anybooks app: It’s a free app for reading ebooks. Basically any good book, you can think about is there. If you want to learn or read something on the go, you can just download it and have it in your library. A friend advised me to just get one book at a time and get another one when I’m done. But, I love books. Which is why I’m reading about 17 books right now. If you haven’t already, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson should be your first read.

Everything Na Art Instagram page: I don’t know why this is number 7. Amin (the owner of the page) is amazing. I found her page and I knew I had been missing. Amin believes that everything is art. From the way she dresses, her identity, her photography, work, writing, every single thing is art. And I believe that too. Your art is you (if that makes any sense). Who you are, what you do, the way you do it is your art. Amin also gives value by teaching creatives branding and strategy. She also created a community: Tribe Called Everything Na Art, where creatives can connect and help each other out. I’m not a member of the tribe but soon, soon.

The digital tinker on instagram: Most of the cool stuff/people I find are on instagram. I think that  goes to show that people are playing with the platform anymore. It’s not just a photo sharing app; it’s a value adding, nugget-sharing, community-building, business/brand-elevating app. If you’re following the right people, you’ll know what I’m talking about. And so if you want to take advantage of everything instagram has to offer (which is endless, I’ll probably do a post on that) you’ll need the tools to make it work. The Digital Tinker will provide you with the apps, tips, strategy to make instagram work for you. They deal mostly with apps though. Apps to plan your feed, edit photos, videos, create stunning graphics and many more. Believe me, if you want to up your instagram game, follow the digital tinker.

On Writing by Stephen King: This is for all my brothers and sisters in the craft. I will read this book over and over again, and I have. I think this was the only book on writing, I finished and read again. I think it’s the only one I finished. This book is not just a book about writing rules. It’s not just about what writing is. It’s not just a memoir. It’s as much about the art of the craft as it is Stephen King. It’s Stephen King as it is the craft. Sometimes you wonder how someone can write as many hit books as he has. He’s around seventy something and he’s still going strong. When I read this book, I understood. Remember everything being art? Stephen King explains how it was for him.  The ending? The ending was the hit. There are books whose beginning makes you want to read to the end. The end of this book makes you want to go back to the beginning.

9 is an odd number to stop at but I want to give you time to digest and check out everything I’ve listed here. And of course, don’t hesitate to reach out to me here, and ask questions and add any thing you think should be among this list in the comment section below. I look forward to hearing from you. Because you will be hearing from me. Tomorrow infact.

Yo, I’m Dee.

I’m obsessed with helping young people be creative, do creative stuff, and put that creative stuff online. I write about my journey to finding creative freedom, and everything I’ve learnt about being & promoting yourself in the digital space. 

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