5 things you probably don’t know about me

Happy Sunday and yes, I know, it’s been a while. A very long time actually. And I’m sorry. Which is why I’m back here with another post. This one is designed to make you feel at home with me. I know some people and some people know me. But here are 5 things you probably do not know about me.

Disclaimer: they can turn out to be real shocking things.

Number 1. I absolutely detest white rice and stew. Shocking, I know. It started when I was little. The stew was always peppery so I always ate my white rice alone. Disgusting, right? Not really. The only time I’ll eat white rice, is if the stew contains no pepper or if it’s paired with beans ( my doctor says no beans but, meh). I can’t even remember the last time I ate white rice.

2. Still on the subject of food, my favorite food to eat and make is Golden morn. No seriously, no one makes Golden morn like me and I have different recipes. Hot, cold, baby style, milk lovers, too broke for milk, everything.

3. I’m obsessed with houses. If you check my YouTube and Pinterest timelines, all you’ll find are home tours, interior decor ideas and the likes. I absolutely love a house with great interior decor. Once I get internet, I tour houses in Lagos, USA, London, Canada, wherever. When I have my own house, you already know how it’s gonna be.

4. I’m camera shy in front of people. I don’t like people taking pictures of me. I’d rather do it myself. I don’t like making videos or taking photos of myself in front of people. I’m shy like that. But I will take a good photo of you. If you ask nicely.

5. I learnt something new. I’ve been really overwhelmed lately. Things have been happening too fast for me and I learnt to take it slow. Slow down. Pause and think. Bask in the moment. Keep quiet for a few seconds. Stare at a picture for a little longer. Take a walk. Just slow down.

Of course there are still a whole lot of things that you may never know about me, but this is a start. Was there anything you always knew about? Which one did you find shocking? And is there something I don’t know about you that I should? Let me know in the comment section. I’ll be waiting.

Yo, I’m Dee.

I’m obsessed with helping young people be creative, do creative stuff, and put that creative stuff online. I write about my journey to finding creative freedom, and everything I’ve learnt about being & promoting yourself in the digital space. 

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